The Ubiquitous Share Your Board/Setup Thread

In light of @connormetcalf's recent inquiry as to what boards to buy (What Backgammon Board To Buy), perhaps we should have a place for sharing what people are playing on.

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I love my FTH! The merino wool surface makes for very smooth checker-sliding, and the green and blue remind me of the Midwest's trees and lakes that I abandoned to move to Colorado.

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Those light-colored checkers are fantastic. Very nice board, and a bonus cat as well!

Here is my Galaxy Earth Board:

And my Gammoner Club Board:


Looks great ! Mind if I ask approximately how much?

Both look great !
Mind if I ask approximately how much?

I believe that FTH was $1200.

:+1: thank you, will start saving for one like it :+1:

The Earth Board is available here: Luxury Backgammon Set, The Earth Board | Innovative | Eco-friendly – Backgammon Galaxy

The Gammoner here: Sizes and Prices | gammoner-usa

If you like the Earth board, there's a passable ripoff available now:

Here's my club-sized Gammoner, which I couldn't be happier with.

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This is me and my board. When I ordered it, I wasn't sure how cork would feel like but I absolutely love it. I know people say "Crisloid is great for the price" but I think it's just great, period. I prefer it to almost any board I've seen, not just price-wise. Also since I'm from Europe, it has a little novelty feel here and I'm getting lots of compliments for it.

I posted this pic because it also shows my video stand (from Katgammon). It holds my phone nicely although it's a little wobbly.


100% agree re: Crisloid being great in general, not just for the price. I have a set of Bakelite checkers that I want to get a Crisloid for b/c it's such a cool combo. I do need to find the right board, though, either by ordering a custom job from Crisloid directly or by finding a used one that's cheap and having it resurfaced with the style/color scheme I want.

I played on a Crisloid for the first time this weekend at Chicago. It was a very pleasant experience.

It was actually the orange one of Jason from Blunder Blots. It is in a bunch of his videos. He also has a nice video reviewing their (new?) travel boards.

Also from Chicago, Michy had a board featuring Nono graphics (fun character from his book series). I couldn't help but snap a picture :grinning:

I feel the Crisloid are pretty sturdy. I have one from 2008 after a bit cleaning it looks close to new.

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Got myself a FMGammon Blackhawk and asked them if I could have the Purple and Orange checkers from Backgammon Galaxy instead, and luckily they had some in stock! The below is a setup for 4-player backgammon on this lovely board (the rules for this variant, called Quadragammon, are almost the same as for regular backgammon, and can be found on BoardGameGeek).

I really love the wooden clack, which to me is a nice upgrade from my Gamão "Brazilian board": picture