The Ubiquitous Share Your Board/Setup Thread

In light of @connormetcalf's recent inquiry as to what boards to buy (What Backgammon Board To Buy), perhaps we should have a place for sharing what people are playing on.

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I love my FTH! The merino wool surface makes for very smooth checker-sliding, and the green and blue remind me of the Midwest's trees and lakes that I abandoned to move to Colorado.

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Those light-colored checkers are fantastic. Very nice board, and a bonus cat as well!

Here is my Galaxy Earth Board:

And my Gammoner Club Board:


Looks great ! Mind if I ask approximately how much?

Both look great !
Mind if I ask approximately how much?

I believe that FTH was $1200.

:+1: thank you, will start saving for one like it :+1:

The Earth Board is available here: Luxury Backgammon Set, The Earth Board | Innovative | Eco-friendly – Backgammon Galaxy

The Gammoner here: Sizes and Prices | gammoner-usa