What Backgammon Board To Buy

Looking for some advice really, I'm looking to get a custom board made & wondering if I should get a Geoffrey Parker board. Is this one of the better brands for a custom board?

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Hi Connor,
Geoffrey Parker makes an excellent board, but so do we at Gammoner. I would be happy if you would take a look at us at www.gammoner.us to see what you think.

Jeff Proctor
Gammoner, US

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I haven't seen a Parker in RL (there might be a relation with the price, I'm unsure :)) , but I have seen a larger number of Volkers boards (Gammoner) and Fazils (FtH). You can't go wrong with them.

Here is the best board-buying guide I know of: Backgammon Sets – New England Backgammon Club

Personally, I'm partial to the FTH. Checkers slide so smoothly on the plush merino wool playfield.

If you plan on playing outside or spilling food and drinks on your board, Geoffrey Parker's leather is bulletproof.

I have a Galaxy Earth Board and a Gammoner club size (bought through @JPro :slight_smile:).

The Earth Board is beautiful, and the replaceable inserts are fun but also a plus for added longevity of the board. As I began to plan for tournaments and club outings, however, I wanted something lighter and with a handle. I ended up going with Gammoner because of the size offerings (the more compact club board fits 11 checkers across just like the Galaxy boards, which I prefer). The real leather exterior and Merrino wool playing surface sealed the deal for me. With proper care, I feel like the Gammoner will last me for my entire backgammon career.

I generally keep the Earth Board out in the living room and practice on / travel with the Gammoner.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about either that I might be able to help with.

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@JPro what would the lead time for a gammoner board be? I'm in Europe (asking for a friend :sweat_smile:)

As of this moment, we are delivering custom boards in July. Each board is custom made. We do not pre-make any boards to have in inventory. If you have more questons I will be happy to answer them here or at jp30115@gmail.com.

Jeff Proctor