[FIXED] Blockquotes of XGIDs can auto-format and post incorrect

This issue has been resolved (see bottom of topic for details)

I discovered this today with the help of davidklausa; if you use a blockquote and put in an XGID, some double hyphens can auto-format as an em dash, shifting your checkers in the position when pasted back into XG.

As a workaround, use a "preformatted text block" instead, however, prevents the auto-format.

I.e., this button:

or manually type three back ticks to start/end like this:

(the "text" ID disables any colorization from syntax inference)

Example Input

Here is an example of the error using the same XGID as a blockquote:


and as preformatted text:


Output Comparison


Alright, so stick to the preformatted text block when posting XGIDs. Good to know!

I have disabled the em dash auto-correction/replacement with help from the folks at Discourse Meta so this should no longer be an issue.

Note: I had to disable all of the typographical substitutions so we lose auto curly quotes and other (useless?) things. I don't see this as a big deal and definitely worth the headaches saved by preserving raw pasted XGIDs in my mind :slight_smile:

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