Would a backgammon tournament work at a nudist campground?

Hi backgammon players and allow me to explain the title of this thread.
My husband and I are lifetime nudists, and we are ready to open (spring of 2024) our new seasonal nudist campground. Since my first job of filling all of the 50 campsites for the '24 season is now complete, we are looking for interesting events to host at the campground throughout the summer.
A few of our renters are backgammon players and they feel that a backgammon event/tournament would fil in well and we thought we would look into it.
We had a car show at the end of last year, and it went very well, and we are making it a 2-day event this year.
The dress code would be clothing optional however full nudity by many can be expected.
We are looking to you for your thoughts and comments and in doing so, feel free to ask anything you would like.
Thanks for reading and your help.

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Do it! I’ve often enjoyed some campground backgammon, though as far as I can recall it’s always been clothed. I think it’d be a great way for campers to interact in a relaxed but engaging way. If there are a smaller number of players - say, under a dozen - the Round Robin format is probably best, where each person plays each other person once. I find that better for socializing than other formats. If you can get all/most of the 50 campsites to participate, that would be amazing! In that case you’d need to use a bracket or Swiss system.

5- or 7-point matches are a comfortable length. But if you have beginner players not familiar with the doubling cube, it’d make more sense to do single games, maybe a Best of 5 series to determine a winner. I’m sure your backgammon enthusiast friends will have ideas for the format. Definitely keep us updated on how that’s going, and feel free to pick our brains on anything!

Thanks, David, for the useful information.
The campground residents are already planning their own “inter campground” tournaments and we will be following their lead to how they go and how they operate.
Mt husband and I are looking for organizing larger events and inviting the larger backgammon community to take part in as well. I am sure many of the residents will enter these contests as well. A 2-day event would be great since we would be able to handle a dance party and meal in the evening. We also have a private lake for swimming or skinny dipping between matches. With the events that we host, we would like to combine the activity with social to see how that works.

Well that sounds to me like paradise. If there is a larger event for the broader backgammon community, do post it here. Depending on when and where, I’d be open to taking my clothes off and rolling some dice. I think combining backgammon with social events is more in the spirit of how it has been played in the past. I enjoy serious competitions, but it’s refreshing to see something different!

With only have played the game a couple of times, I would agree that it can be a little serious and if we could get a good turn out from the backgammon community, making it a 2-day event would be a big advantage to bring new members into your community and also maybe make our nudist lifestyle more understandable as well.
Would it make it more attractive if cash prizes were offered?
What would be the best way to get the word out to the backgammon players?
We had a one day car show at the very end of last year and it turned into a 2-day event with many of the participants decided to spend the night. We fired up the karaoke in the party room and things got pretty crazy.

OK, our neighbor just joined us for a drink. and he seems to know more about these forums than we do and he said that no one will believe this posting unless we proof that it is real. I tossed him my phone and my husband and I stripped down for him to snap some "proof" pics.
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Hello and welcome to the forums; thanks for posting!

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A cash prize is nearly always a part of a backgammon tournament. It's not the whole point of doing it, especially in your case, so it can be small. A few hundred dollars maybe. If everyone pays $10 or $20 to enter, let's say, those fees can just be returned back to the top 2-5 players (depending on how many people enter). Most backgammon tournaments involve more money than that, but I'm guessing you want to keep more casual.

As far as getting the word out, the best way would be word of mouth by attending tournaments on the American Backgammon Tour. You could ask a tournament director at those events to mention it in the announcements, or at least have some brochures to put on a table. You could also post it on the backgammon subreddit, and there are many backgammon groups on facebook. I know a lot of players would only consider a tournament if there's a well-made brochure for it.

thanks for helping with the good info David

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hi hemes, It looks like we are from the same area.

+1 for the Midwest :smiley:

for sure
You are close enough to visit our campground next summer.