Tricky 65 in the Early Game

My awesome position:

I thought this was interesting. I rolled 62 twice to get to this decision. My play, 13/7 6/1* was a -.073 error. How would you play this?

I'll go with 13/2. Your move would be my second choice, and I don't really see a third candidate. 13/8 11/5 or 13/7 11/6 would slot a point you want to make, but at the steep cost of two direct shots, two blots, and giving up the 11 point. Your play does unstack the heaviest point, but it's pretty risky. We have a slight race advantage and I don't want to jeopardize that. I think going to the 2 point does the least damage with a crappy roll.

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You are correct, sir! Going to the 2 point is the move.