Tidal Wave Reference Position

Here is a new reference position. This came up in our chouette. It is very symetric and a great reference position for pointless doubles without a checker on the bar. 10 checkers in the zone… ready to either wipe out via a blitz or form a water wall of a prime. This postion is right on the double/No double line… 66% wins and 23%Gs… trailer has 7% gs. If you come unto a situation that may be a pointless double: Remember the Tidal Wave posiiton.

Tidal Wave Pointless Reference:


Very nice! I am going to add a reference-position tag to your post so that we can easily find this (and others like it) in the future.

I will play with this one some for sure!

Remember, remember the tidal wave! And then came the tidal wave of cubes!

Nice contranym - “pointless double”

There is a point to it, yet there are no points.