Shesh-besh: How I learned to stop worrying and play backgammon

Just wanted to share this beautiful documentary, with some enlightening philosophical discussion and scenic portraits of Turkey.


Just finished this (watched it in two parts) and very much enjoyed it. Lots of interesting discussions on backgammon and life. I found the comments on luck and dice (and what you make of it/them) particularly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

@davidklausa, have you seen Falafels Game? A bit different than the one you posted but a fun watch as well :slight_smile:

The New England Backgammon Club actually has a page dedicated to backgammon in film I recently discovered (Backgammon on Film – New England Backgammon Club ( They have YouTube links to a bunch of cool stuff.

Also, I thought at one point Marc Olsen said they were working on something documentary-like… I think it was regarding (in part) the footage they were taking of Sander at the world championship last year.

I vaguely remember this but nice to see it again. Some classic footage of backgammon in that era. That guy sure was a unique personality. I respect his disdain for cubicle life, and his desire to be the master of one’s own time. He just wanted to stay a kid inside.

I took his 2-day class in New York in 2017, then watched him play money games for $500 a point. I was in a cheaper chouette nearby. I was playing most of the night, but he was still there when I finally went to bed.

I can identify with the thrill of showing up in a new place where you’re unknown, and the locals set out to take advantage of you, and you end up showing them how much they don’t know.

And like Falafel, I went to play big money games in Vegas once and stayed at Brian Zembic’s place. Although I won big, my main takeaway was that doing nothing but gaming would be a sad life.

That NEBC site has it all! I’ll suggest this video I shared, since it’s not on his list yet. Marc Olsen’s productions are high quality so I’d look forward to that too.

Wow. I really enjoyed that video. Thank you for posting it for us.