Players who play with headphones, what are you listening to?

White noise? Ambient music? Classical? Binaural Beats? Metal?

And do you play/practice with the same sounds when at home?

I often practice with music on in the room but not sure what to do/try when I start going to tournaments. I am siding towards just noise cancelling but was curious what others are rocking.

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I find any kind of music distracting so I just use noise-canceling headphones. They don't do a great job at "canceling" noise, but part of the point is signalling to your opponent that you intend to focus.

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It varies. But I usually aim for something soothing like lofi beats, electronic, or instrumental music. Lyrics distract me so I tend to avoid anything with vocals.

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I’m glad you brought this up! When I practice at home I’m (usually) listening to Radio Paradise Global Mix when I’m playing. I (usually) listen to classical music when studying a book. I have the volume relatively low. I’m listening through a Bluetooth speaker as opposed to headphones. My teacher/coach recommends I make my practice sessions as close to competition conditions as possible. I have never played with headphones and fear I won’t hear a comment from my opponent or an announcement from the TD. I might start practicing with headphones.

I like the thought of white noise (I’d choose “green” noise) because it has a grounding or centering quality. However, I sometimes listen to “brown” noise when sleeping and worry a similar sound might make me drowsy! :joy:

I’m interested in what others have to say about this. I know Nick Blasier listens to hard rock/ heavy metal.

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And, tournament rooms are awkwardly quiet in my opinion. In fact, I think simply stuffing some cheap ear plugs in my ears would be better than the strange quiet of a tournament room and the chatter, etc. I hear in the periphery. If it’s going to be quiet, then I might make it really quiet!

This is one reason I like Radio Paradise Global Mix. Even when a song has lyrics, I can’t understand them so I don’t focus on them. :wink:

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White noise, rain sounds, distant thunderstorms. Just to drown out noise in the room. Unless it's late in the evening and I need a nice, caffeine-free energy boost, in which case it's probably this song over and over again on repeat.

I have just started learning backgammon and during this time I like to listen to 80s soft rock and pop, and also video game soundtracks composed by my good friend and fellow member of Backgammon Forums @TommyHoudini AKA Tommy Tallarico :slight_smile:

Awesome! Welcome to the forums @michaelmullis.

and also video game soundtracks composed by my good friend and fellow member of Backgammon Forums @TommyHoudini AKA Tommy Tallarico

Any favorite(s) in particular?