Guilty pleasures?

What are some slightly negative PR stuff you like to do just because you like them?

I like slotting with 41 and 51 (unless I'm leading) and nowadays I'm tempted by the old timey 43U (24/20 24/21, right at GS and maybe okay when leading).

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I am always trying to find banana splits! When they are wrong, they are often very wrong. BUT, when you find one that is actually right, I find it very rewarding.


I think 24/20 24/21 can be right when you’re pressuring the stripped 7 and 8 points, too.

A guilty pleasure? Certainly that play where you have a 6-prime and you keep dropping blots in there to go back into your opponent's homeboard to try and collect a second checker. Sometimes I don't even need the gammon, I just want to torture my opponent :smiling_imp:

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