Gnubg position posting

Would be nice to have a gnubg posting script for those of us who don’t have XG.


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Yay; welcome to the forums!

Thanks for taking the time to post this request here. I had considered this originally but wasn’t sure how much interest there would be.

I have looked at the documentation on the GNUbg ID format and it shouldn’t be too difficult to code up. u/pgereddit on Reddit posted a few links (one of which I wasn’t aware of) that make diagrams from GNUbg IDs ( but also convert GNUbg IDs to XGIDs ( The latter is an approach I hadn’t considered that could be a nice approach for the purposes of this site as I can reuse the XGID formatting code (and keep the stylistic controls in a single place).

I will try to get this functionality either this weekend or in the next couple of weeks over the holidays at the latest. :slight_smile:

If you need help, I recently wrote some python code to generate GNUbg ID’s from an internal backgammon state.

Thanks for the offer to help; I should be able to get it though.

I plan to try the approach of converting the GNUbg ID to an XGID and then call the existing script over the next few days. The result should be a <div data-theme-gnuid> that users can use in place of the XGID <div data-theme-xgid> depending on their ID format of choice.

If I get stuck, I will send you a note :smiley:

Ok! This is now implemented :slight_smile:

Check out this post GNUbg Users Rejoice! for the announcement.

I plan to next implement the inverse (XGID to GNUbg ID) and print the result under the XGID (small text) on every position for easy copy/paste into GNU for modifying positions.

Let me know what you think and/or have any issues!.