Didn't roll a 1 like I was kinda hoping I would

This one is from the last day of the Chicago Open. No worries, I was already knocked out 2 days prior to that, this was from a side event (4-player blitz)


Double Falcon!!!? ... leaving a triple shot, haha.

I would consider it, then tell myself it is probably wrong, then talk myself back into it saying things like:

  • I am ahead in the race,
  • their board is weak...
  • ... and stands to improve,
  • playing safe (e.g., 7/2 8/4) leaves me the same problem next roll,
  • it is a super cool move full of style,
  • etc.

I guess there is the pure running play 20/11... but that isn't as fun. Popping out and lifting the blot on the 7 seems bad to me... I don't know but would be inclined to think you have to do something now, why not put two in the outfield and see how it goes; Double Falcon; lets gooo. Our board is awesome, what could go wrong :upside_down_face: