Custom skins for XG (by you)

I saw this go by on Reddit and I thought it was cool. From user u/AureleAurele:

Hi! Do you like using eXtreme Gammon, but are you tired of looking at the same low-resolution boards? I’ve made a small tool to generate new custom boards and checkers that you can use in XG. You can generate higher-quality boards, and choose the color of everything.

Try it here:

Have fun customizing XG

Although not as realistic or polished as Rain’s work, you can make XG skins easily yourself. This really shines if you are experimenting with what a particular scheme might look like or want a specific flat them for XG (for example, to match your Galaxy app or Heroes boards; there are good presets to start from for each).

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Fantastic ! Thanks for sharing !

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I just got a custom XG skin from Rain, but this is such a cool tool to DIY it!