Cube Quandaries #2 (2024-01-03)

A recurring topic where you get a glimpse into the crazy world of an aspiring intermediate player (me) learning proper cube action. Please feel free to offer some analysis, feedback, general advice, perspective, etc. …or just take in the chaos. :sweat_smile:

Here was my big one of the day:


Black on roll, cube action?

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I see enough volatility, with all those blots, that I'm doubling. A hit followed by a dance will make it Too Good. I don't think it's TG now since you're on the bar, and White can easily equalize if you're unlucky enough to dance or miss. If you enter and hit, and White is able to make a second anchor, they're surviving, so I want to take this. But there are a lot of gammons, and the score is even away, so passing to an odd-away score is incentivized. Besides hitting with 346, simply anchoring with a 5 is also pretty good. I guess I'm scared enough to let it go.


I agree with David, it is so volatile and the bad numbers 4 and 6 hit. Even if you dance it is not all over (but I would prefer being white than :)) and I doubt white can double back soon.