Black cube action with lead

black on roll cube action?:


Interesting! … I’ll have to think about this one for a bit.

If black’s on roll, not very interesting… But if white’s on roll, looks like a strong double and I think I’d let it go. White has an edge in all PRaT categories. OtB I’m a taker though…

Yo! Welcome to the forum :grinning: Thanks for being an early member to get things going!

Jonah and I had this exchange to test the position posting functionality and I actually didn’t even look at it.

<intermediate take>
With Black on roll it looks like a double for sure. The take/pass decision seems to be score-related, but I would take most likely both trailing and for money…

Ok… as I was typing the above I had a thought. Are you @davidklausa in darkmode in your browser? The colors of the board invert with the theme right now and we have it as an open issue to address (Black becomes White, White becomes Black). What color is the bottom player in your view?

Yes, I’m in dark mode. The bottom player is White for me. That’s kinda a funny bug…
Speaking of “score-related”, where it says the score as 4-2, it’s not clear who has which number.

Ok! I added some css to force the board font to be black on white regardless of the user theme / browser mode. This should fix the issue and prevent future misunderstandings.

I also changed the match score to be like XG does it (score / match length) and put it in front of pip count. Thoughts?

You might need to reload the page to get the updates to apply. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Nice work! Now it’s much better on both counts.

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