Backgammon Versus the Bot - Paul Swain | Alex Eshaghian Backgammon

@pgams, awesome match and analysis Paul!

One of my favorite comments was during the post-match analysis regarding the 41 from the bar early in Game 1:

Also, I like to examine my own thought process as I am making decisions and thinking, "alright, well what would the thought process need to look like next time to find the better play?"

This is something I think about myself often when analyzing my blunders, I just don't always often have the answer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks, Brett! In those times where I am able to identify what a more accurate, more comprehensive thought process would look like, I find it useful to set up the board (or XG) to the original position, pretend that I'm being faced with the decision for the first time, and actively "rehearse" the better thought process a few times. It seems to help reinforce the connections/neural pathways I'm trying to build more effectively than if I were to just look at it once, figure out what went wrong, say to myself "welp, I guess I'll try not to do THAT again" and then move on to something else. I don't rehearse as often as I should, but only because it takes a fair amount of time and I'm easily distracted. :upside_down_face: