Another Money Game Blunder

My awesome position:

Correct play is 8/3* 3/1* hitting twice. My play, 24/22 13/8 is a -0.157 blunder! I thought it better to cover the 8 point then give myself a 6 to play on the other side of the board. Race is pretty even. Is this another anchor prevention move? A tempo move? Curious as to why I risk getting hit on my 1 point with very little help to cover?

This one I’m not sure I’d get right. Most of the time when you have that big stack on the midpoint, it’ll be better to make the 8pt than to hit loose. I suppose this comes down to the fact that putting up 2 checkers against a 3-point board is strong. Your board is stronger than your opponent’s, so that indicates attacking, and there’s another blot you are preventing the opp from safetying. You’re also preventing point making with 62 51 64, and anchoring with any 2. Ok, I talked myself into it - maybe I would find it after some thought.

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